IELTS Classes

All of our classes are held in clean, safe and secure city offices with our own kitchen and toilets, as well as modern facilities such as whiteboard, copier, printer, DVD / TV and audio player (i.e. no libraries, cafés or food halls!). We specialise in helping international students achieve higher scores for IELTS. All our IELTS tutors are Australian and have very high scores in IELTS. We conduct classes in all 4 IELTS components – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We record your practice speaking tests and provide you with immediate feedback, then listen to the recording together. We provide you with a copy of the recordings so you can listen to them in your own time. We provide you with letter and essay templates and review your writing with you.

As required, we provide you with tailored coaching in English grammar in the areas you need to improve in. You do not have to sign up for a program as our IELTS classes are run as flexible private classes.

For our class schedule and fees, please see below or contact our office.

Generous discounts apply for students who team up to form their own “private” tutorials – details available upon request.

Our Timetable

At MLEC we understand the need of our students. Everyone has different time availability and everyone has different flexibility with days. We tailor each student’s timetable to give them the best solutions and benefits for their study times.



  • Your very own Class
    Students get the flexibility to decide which modules they would like to focus on. You can also do a few modules within the class time.
  • Full Attention from Tutor
    Your tutor will have more time to focus on the student and for that reason, there is more chance they can spot the weakness and work on that.
  • Deliver an Intensive Study Experience
    Since it’s a one-to-one class, students find the sessions more intense than general group classes. Students will be focussed and get to improve their understanding with the tutor.
  1. IELTS Private Classes
    Class Structure:
    IELTS Private Classes allow students to receive one-on-one time with a tutor to discuss and focus on strategies and requirements in the areas that they need to improve in order to achieve the score they want.
    Class Times:
    We provide Private Classes everyday starting from 9:00 am to 7.30 pm depending on availability.
    Please contact us for more info.
    2 hours
    Class Size:
    1 Student
    $106 Weekdays
    $120 Weekends