1. If I can’t make it on the day that been provided in the timetable, can I choose to learn the same skill on different day/time?
    A. You certainly can. At MLEC we are trying our best to find the most suitable times for every student. For certain modules where Academic and General Exams have no differences (i.e. listening and speaking) you can join either morning or evening sessions for the same price. Or else, just contact us and tell us your situation! One of our friendly staff will work out a timetable for you.
  2. I already took 2 weeks of the course. Can I extend it to 4 – 6 weeks?
    Yes, you can. However, you need to inform our staff and pay the remaining amount before you attend the class. You MUST give at least 2 days notice before the actual starting date to claim a full course price (or else we will charge you as if you are booking for a separate 2-4 weeks).
  3. What is “Mock-Exam”? Is it the same with the actual IELTS Exams?
    We do provide a mock exam for our students after they have completed the course. The test is free of charge if students attended the full course. If you did not participate in a full course, you can still ask for a mock exam, however an extra fee will apply. We will have a test for students at the end of their course to track their improvement, although it is not the same as the mock exam.Our tutors will provide some tasks from each IELTS module. However, we DO NOT give out IELTS scores. We are able to provide feedback in regards to the approximate level of the student.
  4. Can you improve my band from 5.5 – 6 to 7 within less than 2 weeks time?
    There is no guarantee. In addition to the assistance and feedback provided by our tutors, obtaining your dream score requires constant study, accountability and self-motivation, both in and outside the classroom.
  5. Are all tutors native speakers?
    Yes. All of our tutors are native speakers and have taken an IELTS exam in order to understand what our students have to go through. Additionally, they can assist with test strategies and tips. All of our tutors received very impressive scores of 8.5-9 for each module.
  6. I’m having my exam in 1 – 2 weeks! What should I do?
    You can either join our IELTS General (Morning) or Academic (Evening) course to revise before you attend the exam. Alternatively, you can book a Private class (1.5 – 2 hours), where a tutor can work closely with you and help you with the modules you feel are most necessary.
  7. Do we get materials?
    Yes. The tutors provide various tasks, outlines and activities that can be completed in class.
  8. Will 2 hours/class enough for my study? Do we get homework?
    Two hours is enough to introduce certain ideas relevant to your IELTS preparation. However, the time to implement these ideas is ongoing. If you are preparing for a future test, it is recommended that you attend a minimum of one session per week, in order to ensure that appropriate tutor feedback is provided and knowledge is solidified.
  9. Can I get a refund if I change my mind in the middle of the course?
    Unfortunately our fees are non-refundable. But you are welcome to change classes or rearrange the class times for you. However, you will need to notice one of our team as soon as possible in order for us to rearrange your class times with us.
  10. What support will I receive from the tutors?
    Tutors will support their students by understanding the areas that need improvement and focusing their efforts on error correction and prevention.
  11. What are the differences between Private Class and Group Class (Course)? What’s best for me?
    In a Private class, students will receive tutoring that is tailored to their specific needs. Group classes have a general focus and tutor attention is divided between all participants.In terms of what is best for you, it will depend on how specific your needs are. In a group class, a whole range of skills will be covered, whereas a private student is able to choose the focus of the lesson.